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PS – the flashing swap lights suggest the system is attempting to communicate with the remainder of the technique. When it stops, it means it could not talk to Element of the technique.

The grey with black stripe wire (GRY/BLK) at pin 5 is the 4Hi signal wire — when urgent the 4Hi button, this wire need to go hot (I haven’t test the wire, so I’m undecided if it’s making use of logic ranges (+5VDC) or battery power (+12VDC) — either way, it should be warm if the button is pressed.

The switch on the sprint doesn’t flash ,it lights up like it’s designed to do as though every thing is Performing correctly. The only thing i couldn’t uncover was the vaccuum turn on the firewall. Any tips?P.S. good forum!

As I mentioned, I have not analyzed any from the button wires, as I have not experienced that specific difficulty (however) — so, prior to deciding to do that, you will need to validate what I am stating is genuine.

I went even further and looked at the Vacuum Change as recommended with your weblog. I related the vacuum traces with each other (though the four wheel gentle was flashing) and this engaged the four Wheel Method. I reconnected the vacuum traces, lightly tapped the Vacuum Switch and it began to function like new. My guess is that the change trapped resulting from deficiency of use. With no your weblog the car dealer can be paying out my money about now. Many thanks!

Raymond Dunne claims: January seven, 2008 at ten:27 am Well soon after alot of your time on my 2001 Jimmy 4wd method I'm nevertheless stumped. Started that has a clicking sound from front conclude so I checked vacuum actuator and it’s accomplishing it job now that I loosened up the cable. Truck will likely not go into 2hi or 4lo so I pulled the Manage module and checked wiring. Large orange wire on electrical power connector was included in corrosion and one wire on 32 pin connector was corroded.

The encoder motor is the first thing that comes to head. Once again, I have not attempted this, but if it were me, I might try to disconnect the encoder motor and check out again (this will not work since the technique might detect the unplugged encoder and never consider to engage 4WD — the sprint lights really should flash if it’s striving to have interaction 4WD). In case you don’t blow a fuse Along with the encoder motor replaced, you have found your dilemma — well, sort of. From there it could both be the motor alone, a Bodily obstruction with the motor (the shaft may be frozen (corrosion) to your transfer situation protecting against the motor from relocating) or wiring between the encoder motor plus the TCCM (a brief from source to ground).

Perfectly, that’s one which I haven’t heard nonetheless. The “ATS” fuse (that's marked “ATC” on this schematic) supplies 12VDC to two substantial orange wires on the TCCM (marked as pins C18 and C19 to the schematic). As I mentioned, I haven’t seen this issue ahead of, so I haven’t traced that A part of the program. I am able to only think (yeah, I understand!) that the because these wires source 12VDC, They are really used to operate heavier things like the encoder motor (5VDC, which happens to be The sunshine guage orange wire, is utilized for logic — ie. to run the “chips” to the circuit board). With any luck ,, you can see where I’m heading using this type of. I’m just trying to think about it logically — if the fuse is blowing that provides 12VDC, what while in the 4WD process would use 12VDC?

Fundamentally, test Every single of your traces — When they are all sizzling though in 2Hi, then if you try out to change to 2Lo, one of many lines should really go low (0VDC) — the identical ought to take place with 4Hi. So, if you are trying to have interaction 4Hi and also you’re absolutely sure there is electrical power at pin five (4Hi button signal), and none of the strains change when attempting to improve to 4Hi, I might suspect the TCCM. In case the encoder signal line DOES adjust, then the transfer case encoder motor module is terrible.

Strategy B… I’ll try my neighborhood electronics shop and find out if I could possibly get a few of the woman ends (metal clips on the top of each person wire… you will find about 30 wires, I didn’t essentially rely).

They wound up determining my vacuum swap was shot and Have A Peek HERE Once i went again The brand new swap even now didn’t do the trick, so that they determine it has to be the particular pushbutton assembly to the sprint. ugh. No idea what that’s gonna cost, but I guess it’s spendy. On the bright side they showed me where the change was and the way to manually permit/disable 4wd by splicing the vacuum traces along with a snippet of brake line Works similar to a allure in hi and lo now in order that seemingly rules out the remainder of the system.

I essentially sat down to perform a little work on the internet site yesterday, as well as updating my backup travel — that’s when the problems commenced. In any case, just before I convert this write-up into a rant… I hold the schematics sitting down suitable in front of me, ready to be scanned as soon as I'm able to get this machine restored.

As for real estate property and renovations — well, I’m also pretty much versed in equally subjects! I choose to purchase old properties and rebuild them from the ground up.

Your dilemma Appears just like 10 Other folks previously mentioned you — when you haven’t uncovered the answer in what I've posted To this point I, regrettably, won't be equipped that will help you and counsel getting your motor vehicle to some mechanic.

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